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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Introduction - bloggin gettin started

That's it - the blog content is about to leave my long-termed memory, otherwise I am running out of space.
I moved my blog hopefully the last time now - let's get this Firefox plugin started and see how it runs.

I've made several approaches to deal with allowing public to get access to my private memoires, starting with the old-fashioned letter-friend (he still waits for reply) delivered by letter pigeons, baloons, UPS-airmail or the 'Gilb' (Deutsche Post, RIP). Later wandered through BBS, Mailboxes, Fido, Newsgroups and my first homepage '95. Last recent one was Y! 360°, which I find kinda weirdo - and for myspace I'm not hip enough yet.

Nothing above mentioned was able to catch entries in a quick'n dirty way for an editor and therefore not my prefered way of useless diary-collecting.
That's what I am about to express via the Topic-comment in the blog: In the yadayada fast-moving society, we digital-childs are always looking for the best-individualizing, straight-forward, seamless, flexible and customizable filter to search to the bottom our knowledge-sources (primarily the internet right now), so we create News-pages bundling different RSS- and Blog-wires. We communitize ourself in myspace, myvideos, myass and mybeer to compress the search for guys in Reallife with same interest. In the pub I need to talk first to 15 guys & gals to find 2 with hobbies like

  • simpsons
  • internet
  • sunshine
  • hols
  • ski
  • hating stupid-people
in myspace it takes several seconds (depends on their database load).

If thats a good or bad thing I leave up to you, my opinion: Both is true.
That's leaving a lot of good things behind - speaking to 15 different persons even not ideally fitting to my target-group allows me to open my mind to other things. And who the heck likes to be with similar chaps all the time, huh?
Good is the time-advantage and the variety of sharing digital pieces - videos and photo sharing, music and thoughts, prosa and project-plans. How did we do that in the 80s? Not AT ALL (photos are always lost)

We're always running late, no-on-track, behind expectations, fearing dead-lines, missing ol' friends, family forgot our face - and waiting for the cloning-machine (useful for a lot of stuff!). But in the end I have always time - I pretend to be busy, but there are things you NEED to have time for, cause it's all lame excuse. I even got time writing that shit here while beeing at work - hey manager, you see that? We have so much time we would need to - and if you're running out of it, it's mostly b/c you have a lack in time-management or you're to lazy cause of smoking weed. Last is valid for an excuse been 18 - 24Y old or Angela Merkel, but not afterwards.

Closing that first entry with something what was once my very beloved topic: Literature.
Reading currently: Several things started, but seriously:
  1. Samual P. Huntington - Clash of the cultures (Ye Joern - still!)
  2. Max Goldt - Quitten für die Menschen zwischen Emden und Zittau (translation: Whateva!)
I think it's a good approach not to spam to much without ending a link to a funny / breaking news story to proof my network works. So here we go with that:

AOL: Suchanfragen von über 500.000 Nutzern online

AOL entschuldigt sich - Suchlog-Deaktivierung in der Diskussion

That's it folks - running out of time, need to work.



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