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Friday, August 31, 2007

Was seid das hier?

Wie hat mein Freund Kumpfi einmal in einem Interview gesagt:

Wir sind Alle nur... ein Furz im Weltall.

Mach's gut Ilya.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wir ritten auf dem Trojanischen Gaul wie Paul Schockemöhle

Das Bundesministerium für Inneres (BMI) sollte lieber die Finger von Dingen lassen, wovon sie keine Ahnung haben.

Dirk spricht es hier in seinem Blog heute auch nochmal an, deutlicher und natürlich absolut to-the-bottom beim CCC selbst: CCC | Online-Durchsuchung bei der Bundesregierung

Es gibt hier und da - ganz selten - Zeiten, da fühlt man sich von der aktuellen Bundesregierung verschaukelt. Union will da ja weiter vorpreschen, SPD ist zwar zögerlich, wird aber auch nicht die Bremse spielen wollen, und die Qualität von dem Trojaner wird so mieserabel sein, dass er ruckzuck von kriminellen Anonymous' als Huckepack Transportmittel benutzt wird.

Na dann mal man-tau!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feel the power of the lulz side

Wtf - had a discurs at the weekend, with a very good friend. Got some recent updates on the other side of the net, and just throw some links at you. Take a bottle of not too shaby wine, some weirdo music background and surf thru the Lulzicon-preps 2007. If not, just keep ignoring it - fine anyway ;-)

4chan - Encyclopedia Dramatica

Anonymous - Encyclopedia Dramatica

O rly - Encyclopedia Dramatica


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What wer who Kto Wem Was?

Ich denke, also bin ich - ich war nich, also spinn ich?
War, wo ich nich war, bin wo ich vorher war und später bin.
Wo komm' wir her, wo gehn wir wech?

Kumpels sind auf nem Roadtrip, Loveparade war ohne Motte in Essen.
Milch, Käse und Quark werden teurer, Brüste ohne Ende bewegen sich bei elektronischer Musik.
Wetter is schon wieder nich mehr Summer-like, Arbeit schwankt zwischen superb und auf den Sack.

Später vielleicht mehr, auch wenn unnötig.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Simpsons Movie

Not the best of all episodes, but certainly loads of hilarious moments, overall story fits - and a movie, where I'd never get sick from endless sequels.

Buy the ticket and watch it - UCI KINOWELT Düsseldorf

Actually I don't know about Matt Groening's opinion, whether it's alright to download the english movie once of spent $$$ for 2 tickets. Rather a good interview question, no influence to piracy in this blog *cough*!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer certainly starting on Saturday

35° this weekend im Rheinland - wooHoo!

Wem gehört die Fahrrad auf die Hof?


The Web 1994

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Floor it - speed up time converting MPEG4 / H.264 videos

I have a couple of very good HD videos on my server, downloaded trailers, teasers, homegrown, demos, documentaries. But not all of them are in MPEG4 or the more optimal H.264.

How to get to play it on your iPod, PS3, PSP etc?
  • Get the Pro Version of Quicktime
  • Get the free Videora converters from Redkawa
  • Invest into a Dual-Core Processer / loads of RAM
  • Spend power and time to get your video converter slower then realtime
Now the new thing is - there is an article in the current "video" Magazine 7/2007, talking about a USB stick which hardware-accelerates the converting-process. They've tested it in practice and had a MPEG-2 video converted once with and w/o the stick.
From 31 minutes, it was done in 8 (!).

Unfortunately it seems that you can only use only their converting software - but let's see if it's worth it. You can get more info here, there is a slap rating at Amazon, but I still just ordered it - if the result is not promising, just sending it back. Will put a review here later.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thiefs in town

Some asshole stole my car-antenna, again! Who is this god-damn son of a ... who can't affort the 10 bucks by his own and steal it from my alfa instead?! If you see a guy with an antenna in his trousers, please kick his ass on behalf of me.

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Holiday and Diving

Back from our holidays - almost compensated the jetlag by 12h sleep. Missed Ray's wedding party. Who wants to know what we expirienced, don't be shy - give our travel-blog a visit.

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