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Monday, October 02, 2006

Black tuesday in Germany - 3rd of october

I am becoming 31 tomorrow - at the day of german unity at 1990 I had my 15th - that was half of a life ago, and I give a fuck. I like my age - and everybody else who likes me.
It seems, german people don't like the 3rd of october to be a public holiday, but they wanna stick that it stays free (even though noone likes to pardy about it).

I will make a pardy tomorrow => Beer starting from 12am, hope to have the last not later then 8pm, as the 4th is not free (yet).

A 30-year old

Let's go for a ride to Waldorf - what's all about that School type anyway?

I used to be together with a former waldorf-pupil once a long while ago. She was very intelligent, interesting - and eurythmic. Not only with her body, but with her mind. It was a very fascinating time, and once again I stepped over an article on this background at wikipedia, very comprehensive research and references about the Rudolf-Steiner-Schule, english Waldorf School, Steiner School, french École Waldorf, dutch Vrijeschool.
before I found an official list about an online celebrity-list of "The International List of Famous Waldorf Alumni". It's funny if you browser thru the list and mumble to yourself "... d'oh, that was obvious... , cosma, ah, sure she is.., Kinski - ha, I knewit", but it has a certain taint, better say charisma / Karma to be a waldorf alumnus. You either become very popular due to your especial abilities - or you become social teacher.
That girl quitted on me - no big deal, and regarding her career I assume she is somewhere on this list now. If I just remember her name... "jo.. johan, hmmm ---- "