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Monday, October 02, 2006

Black tuesday in Germany - 3rd of october

I am becoming 31 tomorrow - at the day of german unity at 1990 I had my 15th - that was half of a life ago, and I give a fuck. I like my age - and everybody else who likes me.
It seems, german people don't like the 3rd of october to be a public holiday, but they wanna stick that it stays free (even though noone likes to pardy about it).

I will make a pardy tomorrow => Beer starting from 12am, hope to have the last not later then 8pm, as the 4th is not free (yet).

A 30-year old


Anonymous Philsen said...

Ja dann mal Happy Birthday. Sorry das ich es nicht geschafft habe. Aber wenn man auf die 30 zugeht ist mehr als ein Tag feiern nicht drin.

7:30 PM  

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