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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror-Attack out of Air - what's up man?

Another chaos at it's peak "Terror-Fahnder verhindern Massenmord ├╝ber den Wolken" - well, at least prevented before it happened, but the result is organised anarchy again.
I planned to fly over to London next week, god for sake I haven't made it to dublin today as I also planned last week. Cancelled baby, HTR is done for now: no handluggage, every passanger doublechecked manually - this at the most crowded and famous-for-delay Airport in northern europe already before.

It's extremly obvious, but we all flash it back to our memory as soon the newstickers put it up: Terror is everywhere, and it will never stop. It's there since the old 70s, the Libanon, Beirut, Palestina, Munich, IRA and RAF - it just seems to be more close and more likely, that somethings happening. As I wrote in the title of my blog, we're planning to fly in 7 days to Bali & Lombok. Bali is famous not only for the outstanding nature and cultural background, beautiful diving / snorkling places, art & beaches. There are some of the most breathtaking vulcanos, a paradis for trekking-fans. But the past attack of fanatism in 2002 showed a bloddy evidence, that - especially in the tourist-peak of south-bali - certain antipodes in a continues friction causes conflicts.

Bali is primarily hinduism orientated - lays geographically in the biggest muslimien coutry of the world: Indonesia. Right next to it is Java, where the civilians and a handful backpackers are busy enough with Tsunamis & earthquakes - and Lombok, the religious opposite of Bali, with an 80 / 20 share of muslimien & hindus (and obviously other). However, the conflicts of Hindu, Moslemien, Christians, Buddism back in the past of Indonesia was always an extreme obvious case - but haven't ever cause so many dead boddies like several overtakes by the europeans there in the past centuries. The mixture and close living to each other resulted in a healthy, respective and harmonical get-together, even in the spiritual level. The religious tradition of all original mankind on these islands learned and adapted from each other, based out of the same roots and having positive effects. This happened after enough of dead people tried to put their opinion onto others, but time helps getting things done better.

Now, after a couple of tourist booms took over the tiniest pieces of this planed, some different type of more friendly - but still offensive colonie-approach is happening. Having thousands of thousands ignorant, arrogant, filthy rich or even sensitiv-curious tourists stepping on your country, we need to consider that some guys don't like that stuff. And in time of missing maturity, intelligence, comprehension and appreciation - poverty and religious insularity, we need to be prepared for more, not less. Team America might try to fight against, but you can't do that with a shadow. Coming back to the book I am reading now, we're in the middle of the new war - the clash of the cultures. Make love not war, peace and harmony - hrhr, ye. And that is not going to end sooner then in the next hundred centuries. We just need to find a scope how to make the best out of it. Understanding comes first - doing needs to follow, but not sooner.


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