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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shared Calender

Okay, let's envision you have a couple of weirdo friends, and they send weirdo stuff in an irregular email-distri. That's the zockcombo - Ric Hardy Schneider invented it and till that moment tries to bust it with intention and great support of Raffi Rafsen, formely known as Koks-Raf.
These guys try to keep us up-to-date on running events, so I'd be glad to pick it up, just to remind myself about current festivalités and closing the terror-topic from before:

  • Olgas-Rock - Umsonst und draußen Festival im Ruhrgebiet. Check out the the program if you like.
  • I like fireworks - Ruhrorter Hafenfest geht's die Feuerzunge ab: Dank an den Kanadier
    • Go for some more background info -> HIER
  • Some infos on the new ongrowing Innenhafen in Duisburg, weekly updated -> Newsletter content
    • Funny background on the CUBAR: After summer makes a break, the german / duisburg bureaucracy decided to let it open again. It's something similar to the monkey island in Duesseldorf, which is supposed to be closed by bureaucracists as well. Cocktails were check and sometimes tasty - but without sun it just sucks. Nice try...
  • New meeting dates set for the Film- & Music-copyright protection society: All english-speaking guys, please DONT click here


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