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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Geeks Palace

Meanwhile the certain point of departure comes near and nearer, I'll use my time to post some quick stuff. Look at the geek advertisement to the left, isn't that funny? - hoho

However, the markets are ramping up again, firms are hiring, the headhunter- and recruiting companies are on the rush again. Our competitors know the direct-phone #, whereby I am wondering if there is any centralised place with all CVs and phone / mobile # uploaded for just picking it up. In russia, you can buy a DVD for $5 in the Metro, where you got all registred civilians of St. Petersburg listed, including phone- and cell-number, any running depts, education, current job and job of your parents. Good bye Lenin & data security policies!

I lost the point - if you're a geek, able to write not only PHP but some more object-based language, and you computer looks as hairy as your trousers (Revenge of the dust bunnies):

It's out there - I feel it.


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