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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Arrived at Kuta in Bali / back again

We're back again - after our trip from Gili Trewangan over Lombok to
Padang-bai with Perama Tours boat, we stayed one night in Ubud. Our
plan for one night in central bali was doing one of the famous Spa -
so we visited the Nua Salon: 500.000 IDR (arround 50 euros) for a 3
1/2 hour package of traditional balinese body massage, facial (not the
porn stuff), a hair treatment plus mani- and pedicure.
It was perfect, but I fucked it up in the middle and got some of my
curry- lotion into my eyes. The whole day until today was messed up,
my eyes are red like a bloddy vampire and pain like hell. Obviously I
can't wear my lenses right now, and my glasses lost one piece of the
eye - crap. However, after falling asleep after our massage, we wanted to meet
Craig and Corinna from england / australia in Kuta again. WeJve met
them on the Gilis with our Diving instructor, and both of them are
hell of interesting and friendly bunch of people. Craigs parents used
to live in Kuta for a while, and Corinna has a damn long and
extravagant travelling expirience (including countries like Birma -
google for it, no piece of land is isolated like this, you're not
allowed to bring one piece of a magazine or newspaper inside, these
guys never had internet there and don't even know whose bloddy
annoying Mr. George W. Bush).

However, after today arrival in famous Kuta / Legian, Bali's loud and
noisy surfer paradise, we've tried to catch up with craig to find
their hotel-recommendation. This time, neither the ganja nor some
mushrom layed him down - this poor guy threw up the whole day since we
left the boat in Padang-Bai.
I am so happy for us not having one day of the so called 'Bali-Belly',
whereby as a european you need to count in at least 2 days of a hard
time to get used to the different spices, water anbd fruits they are
using over here.

We haven't had anything, but these two mates seem to have had either a
bad ice-cream on Gili or picked the wrong food on the boat.
Since we met Craig shortly in the hotel, this poor man haven't left
the room once - probably only jumping between bed and toilet. After a horrible 4 hours shopping marathon on Legian beach and poppies
lane, we've met Corinne at the beautiful sunset and the famous Kuta
Beach. As crowded it's used to be before the bombings, it is still so
full of atmosphere. Hundreds of chilling people laying in the sand,
enjoying the most impressive sunset of the world.
Shopping is even more a horror in Kuta since 2002 - a big bunch of
australians still keep away from Bali, the big Bombing Monument right
next to our Hotel still reminds about all bodies, written in golden
letters into stone. The ground-zero day is still a big part in the
memory of most balinese people, the 'fuck all terrorists' t-shirts
express only barely civil mind in pieces.

The hawkers over here are less aggressive like in Lovina, but the lack
of tourists can be felt with every step you make. No comparison to the
easyness of Amed or the absence of sellers on the Gilis.
But it's still not quit over here, while having a bintang on the
balcony, I can here the basedrum of the bars & clubs nearby,
advertising themself with pretty chicks on the street and trying to
pull the still big amount of trvallers but especially surfers into
their places. Ksenia and I probably did some good deals, more likely not -
even if you pay only a small dollar for sarong, silver or shorts, even after a
lot of bargaining and a crying shop-seller, you have the feeling you
payed 10 times off their lowest offer possible.
However, found cool trousers, small amount of souvenirs and 15
brand-new DVDs for 10 euros (in a slim plastic case, fully cover).
Not looking forward to our flight departure back to bangkok ->
Franfurt tomorrow afternoon, especially Ubud, Amed and Gili Trawangan
caught us completly. As promised before, we'll report about this in
details later, editing and adding piece by piece this weekend.
I am curious how our working day on thursday / friday will look like,
as we're now on GMT -6, so we're about to work at midnight time for
us. But it was all worth it, this travel appears to us like not 2 1/2
weeks, but 2 months of bloddy nice expirience - how can you get this
with a fixed pre-booked holiday so easily? ;-)

Posting soon, many greetings from Bali 2006!!
Ksenia (writing good ol' postcards) and Daniel (the e-man bloggo-mat)


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