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Monday, August 28, 2006

Bali & Lombok 2006 Trip-diary startin'

We are alive and no more kicking!

I'm running quite behind to keep posting here, but it was a very busy time while on our holidays in Indonesia. We kept writing the daily expirience down the old fashioned way with pen & paper, as Internet on Bali, especially in Ubud was kinda slow.

Now I've activated the email blogging mode, sending this blog entry now from my blackberry, laying in a hammock on Gili Trawangan, a small island north-east to lombok. The Bintang beer nearby is cold, the homestay bungalow cheap and the reggae sound from the party-island pubs and restaurants gives the right backround atmosphere to start chilling in our hols.

We've travelled a lot in the past 10 days on bali with a small jeep we rented, seen douzen of huge temple / thousands of smaller ones, ceremonies, did some rafting, snorkeling and manymany other impressive things. As the first 60% of our journey was planned to be cultural orientated, we've arrived to the 'Gillies' (indonesian for Island) today with a direct boat transfer from Padang-Bai.

I won't spoil to much of details right now, as we will start posting chronolically all days day-by-day. This entry is meant to be the starter, we might add some smaller notes via blackberry, but going to put the major content, photos and maps in later.
Ksenia burned her back yesterday due to an awesome snorkling yesterday all day in Amed, eastern Bali. The corals are just 10m in front of our bungalow at vienna-beach, with a huge amount of fish - we just couldn't stop it. So probably we won't start the PADI tomorrow as planned, but one day later. If that stays true, we may go back to Bali on sunday, checking a SPA and another dance in Ubud and going shopping for our return on the 6th.

But I won't start thinking about the return yet, looking forward to the stay on Trawagan, diving, party (lot's of young travellers here, different to Bali) and good food. I may leave the magic mushrooms out they keep offering you at each corner ;)

Until then - stay tuned for more and many greetz from the gorgeous south-eastern asia!

Dan - the Hammock - man


Anonymous philsen said...

das hört sich ja hervoragend an. viel spass noch beim schnorcheln, wandern, relaxen und so weiter.

4:33 PM  

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