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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Enjoying one of the last sunny summer days

My good friend Laser-Arne posted the following pictures, before going to say good-bye to his Job and his assigned laptop. I am soon going to say goodbye to the current working day, as the sun is still shining - even if the weather-forecasting said something else today.
So after a long nap in the office today

cause it was so exhausting to read all these terrible articles about job-efficiency, blogging on the working-place, surfing privatly on the internet and beeing even fired of you're catched once, we better get layed of cause laughing about fakes like this

and instead of going to a meeting or even fucking boring party like this girl supposely is vistiting at the moment

we are gearing up to visit the ratinger-street in Duesseldorf, like on almost each wednesday. You can meet various of easy people there, drinking a huge amount of beer, standing in hundreds on the street and preparing themself for the weekend. Opa Kanne is greeting us

and wishing the best to have fun - me too! Take care everybody


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