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Monday, September 11, 2006

Some pictures grabbed from moscow metro

Some funny pictures to end a stressful working day: Check out the Blog of englishrussia.com, and enjoy a collage of day-to-day adventures in the metro. I can confirm that you see such things almost each day, especially at the weekend, as I travelled to Saint Petersburg on a regular bases and had my expirience in that metro as well.
Even though the comments on the blog are quite rude, it stays funny somehow. The russians are not all drunk each day, the amount of people is just incredibly high, and the drunks are not staying at home all day like in germany for instance.

And some comment from my own expirience: It happened so often that me alone or with my friends we woke up early in the morning at the end-station somewhere in Dortmund or cologne, far away from home with terrible headache. Possibly the team-sleep looked kinda different, but not less effective.


Anonymous Philsen said...

Hab das jetzt mal mit Trackback versucht. Aber keinen Plan, ob es geklappt hat.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Hakuna said...

Ich glaub nich - blogger.com unterst├╝tzt keine Trackbacks, nur interne Links. Beim Marci und seinen 23er Posts hats hingehauen.

Vielleicht in blogger-beta - sp├Ąter mal schauen

4:10 PM  

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