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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Our Travel Log opened

The first draft is online, and I like it. Feel free to give our new Blog Holiday Diary by Ksenia & Daniel a visit. Step by step we'll post our journey here as promised, and the first day already made it into.
Meanwhile the weather in germany seems to give us a hard time to spend in front of the computer, I will leave the desk now and start to get myself used to the environment outside, without balinesian folks & travellers arround. The last two days in the office were kinda strange, the jetlag keeps bothering me a bit and I fell asleep yesterday way to early.
Unfortunatly we've missed Eikon's birthday party and a visit to the hundermeister, which I find more then a pity. Hope you guys accept our apologize and give us another chance to pick up on that again.

If you're staying in front of your computer, probably you wanna checkout a video-snipped of the recent air-guitar competition in Finland. Let there be rock! Or let her fall -> Strip-Bl00per


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Ein Reise Blog, gute idee

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