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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A post not only for Bush and the pope

But there are other things in this live: You remember when you dive down into an article, a soap, a documentation or just stare to something? Deep inside of you, most of the people would pay a lot to carry an endless roll of plastic with them, build like this:

At least some of us may end up beeing finally able to quit smoking.

Some very beautiful pictures I found on the GEO-pages, expressing the colorful world were living in. Still enough time to check out the recent stories like the Bush-speech about 9/11, the Pope-speeches about us christians and the fraud-news about lonelygirl15, without any comment from my side, but influencing all the world in a very short-term.

What impresses me a bit more is fiddling arround with del.icio.us - feel free to add me, I'd be very thankful for your new bookmarked links mate!
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Have a good and sunny day!


Anonymous Philsen said...

Bin auch schon seit einiger Zeit bei del.icio.us inkl. Link zu dir. Diese lonelygirl15 Geschichte, hat doch mit diesem Viral Marketing zu tun, von dem man in letzter Zeit soviel liest, oder? Beim ersten hinschauen von Laien angelegtes Blog oder Video, welches sich aber nach einiger Zeit als professionelle Marketingstrategie entpuppt. Und viele fallen darauf rein. Fiese Sache, das. Siehe u.a. hier http://www.connectedmarketing.de/cm/2006/08/philipp_retings.html

7:23 PM  

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