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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Console games revival - SEGA / NINTENDO / SONY / MICROSOFT

Have you ever played console games extensivly before the Sony Playstation was hitting the ground? To be honest, I started quite early with my bro' Dennis, and we received a brand-new NES at christmas somewhen in the 80's. It was the most sucessful home-entertainment released by Nintendo Japan (aka Famicom over there), and my parents presented it to us with the awesome package of soccer / tetris and Mario World.
The cartdridge system was very different and straight forward compared to the Commodore 64 (C<64 Load "blablub" ,8,1 was covered by a pray that the thing still works fine), and thats the time my console adventure started.
Followed by a SuperNES later on brought an even more exciting game-play. To list the extraordinary gaming expiriences we had with this one would burst this blog-entry, but everbody in my age knew at least 10 of the games available there. Noone knew something about HD-TV display or 3D games, but while Commodore started to conquer the world with the Amiga series, the SNES had a couple of the most intelligent and addictive games I ever owned.

The fortunate guys owning both of the systems of Nintendo and the SEGA Mega Drive had a respectful amount of killer-apps, if you were bold enough to save some money, a purchase of the first copy-stations really brought a load of games beeing able to catch you in front of the screen all available time. The follow-up console-war between SEGA and Nintendo was a hard one, whereby SEGA always had an advantage of tackling the target-group with the coolest Arcade games and Sonic the Hedgehog and Nintendo more focussed on Miyamoto's most popular invention Mario. This little fella is still more popular then any other video-game character, first time visible in the Arcade classic Donkey-Kong.

As soon SEGA released their SEGA Saturn to start the 3D console-generation, Nintendo kinda ran behind still developing on a secret wonder somewhere in the hidden areas. While thinking about games like Virtua Fighter or SEGA Rally, Daytona and Decathlete, I remember my subjective support to this console-revolutions against the upcoming competitor Sony.
As most of the current Video-Gamers know, Sony started to understand the potencial in this industry and the sucess of the Sony Playstation is going into it's 3rd generation right now. Nintendo finally came up with their Nintendo64, which really killed me with Mario64 - this game really got it all. But the step to still believe into the cartridge system against built-in CD-roms (possibly to beat copy-mechanism), it didn't allow fullscreen movies and intros, and the small (first) 64MB of space even showed the weakness in sound and music.

The Playstation was pushed into the market with a huge Publisher support, meanwhile the only technical advantage against the SEGA Saturn was the additional ALPHA-channel support of showing transparency (Wipeout is a good example, as this appeared on both consoles). Somewhen later I purchased the japanes first version of the SEGA Dreamcast, with new Arcade classic games such as Virtua Figther 3 and a newer SEGA Rally on it. I still think that the Dreamcast games had a way more elegant and powerful amount of releases, but Sony was just more intelligent in Marketing and Networking.
The SONY Playstation 2 and the new Nintendo Gamecube (finally own Gigabyte CD-Format, but again not copy-able) was the final deathblow against SEGA.

Even though Sony obviously won this clash of the console, SEGA is still one of the best Video-Game Publisher on all top-of-the-nodge consoles at the moment.
Meanwhile Microsoft with their XBOX and the 360 is a very recent one, lot's of the older generation buddies still look back into the history and would die to get back to the old times of pixel-2D scroller. Who ever wants to have a small leap back in time shouldn't hesitate to check out the page I posted in the title-link. Or just play a bit of one of the best video games ever (Zelda is just too time-consuming ;)

Have fun, and shall the old times never die in our memory!

Super Mario Bros 3

Free Games Online


Blogger The Yellow Monkey With No Ring said...

I played Gorf on my Commodore Vic-20. I think it had 4 kilobytes or ram.


The Yellow Monkey With No Ring

6:15 PM  
Blogger Hakuna said...

Pixelpower - as I see on your page you dropped the Sega Saturn / Playstation 1 times. Went to university or had a short-fun journey into the world of personal-computers? ;)

Thx 4 visiting, nice blog!

5:43 PM  

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